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    After making a name for himself on the dub scene between 2012 and 2016 through his alias High Jon The Conqueror, Jon continues to make his mark in a duo named Rukus, along with veteran DJ Nico Demus. Their dancehall and UK funky has opened the doors of NICE UP! records, Raider Records, Chinese Man Records, and last January Articulate Sound. But Jon's sonorous curiosity does not end there, as he recently launched another project at the antipodes (or almost) of his earlier dancefloor production. Entitled Wurrm, this project is dedicated to melancholy urban ambiences, in particular, ambient, drone and future garage. After seven months of existence, his Soundcloud already has a good thirty pieces, witnesses of the hyperactivity of the producer. His next EP, Nocturne, will be released on May 17th on a young label called Future Cosmetiq. A collection of five atmospheric pieces, where the vast vistas and pitched vocal flares are supported by a percussive tingle and a roaring bass, in the purest future garage tradition. The swaying rhythm and throbbing textures will put you in zero gravity. A moment of introspection away from the dancefloor, listening to a rainy night during insomnia, while waiting for his next ambient LP... --- Seek Sick Sound ---