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    Even though they have not released an album since 2013 Mortal Soul remain the amongst the most sought after acts on Kenyan Heavy Metal Scene. Their EP release from 2013 “Ashes in the Wind” put the young band and the Kenyan scene on the global radar. Along with the likes of metal core progenitors Last Year’s Tragedy, Mortal Soul proved that the Kenyan scene had the capability to exert an influence on existing contemporary styles of Heavy Metal, in this case unleashing a most assertive style of Deathcore upon unsuspecting Nairobi. Ashes in the Wind has set the trend for other Metalcore acts from the Continent such as Norbomide and the Seeds of Datura. “Ashes in the Wind” is an assertive and precise delivery of force of with all the fixings of versatility and sophistication of progressive metal, hopeful yet stoic - but also very much riding on the sinister and cataclysmic power of Death Metal. We find ourselves heroically surfing on torrid ocean of chaos where we can only sing along in solidarity to the cries of desperation and broken dreams. It is not surprising that Mortal Soul garnered a strong following because Leon Malu, producer and vocalist+rhythm guitarist for the band was already producing a number of bands such as Koinange St. Avengers and Lust of Dying Breed. He remains a crucial component of the Nairobi rock network. He produced a number of albums at his Shinigami Studios bringing popular rock bands like Rash to the fore. He’s even networked in to the global scene - as a guest vocalist for Fior Tiori.


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