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    Tobias Siebert has many voices. Klez.e is one of them, And The Golden Choir, Siebert’s solo project, is another. The busy musician and producer, released with And The Golden Choir two touching, melancholic chamber goth-pop/gospel/folk albums in 2015 and 2018. In view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine his voice failed him and yet there was the impulse to write a piece. An elegy on the current events, but also one that does not forget the general state of the world. Music from the deepest lack of understanding those, who want to force war upon us, music against power structures that try to cement and strengthen inequality and injustice. It’s a song without lyrics, without words and it yet finds its own language. A lament that makes grief understandable beyond the boundaries of language. Siebert says: „Feeling helpless knowing another war in the world, i just don’t find words inside me. Still there’s this blank piece of paper that needs to be filled in order to understand, in order to hold on. So I fill the empty space like I always do, when I observe my surroundings. With Music. I just don’t have words for it this time. And still there’s this sung language and my hope that everyone will understand it. Music & language, recording, mix: Tobias Siebert Viola da Gamba, Cello: Tobias Siebert Mastering: Kleine Klinke Mastering Artwork: Mathias Rohloff