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    Jooiing is a project that plays with unusual textures and rhythms of sound. One idea is that the sound have to morph like in the nature the look of a leave or a finger. Often similar but never the same. Another idea is to free the music from the prison of the steady and no changing clock, counting the time. Also the clock has to morph in a natural way. This concept bring us to a new and highly exciting way to produce, listen and understand music. We have to know that our idea about what music we like or not is mostly a cultural concept, we have learned since we are borne... So, open your mind for other universes of music..... Another maybe interesting fact to know is that the music of Jooiing is "ecological". That means that all the energy used to produce this sound is pure sunenergy 100%. I thinck and hope that´s the future where we will go to.... Well, I nearly forget to mencion that the best way to listen this type of music is with headphones.... More Sounds of Jooiing you find in Soundcloud, Kompoz y Bandcamp.....