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    Karu- Swahili for chaos/messy- is a mythological character that heals people through music, in a candid almost naive way. The multi-instrumentalist artist Alberto Brutti decided to take on his passion for tribal culture and re- appropriate the word Karu to the concept that stands behind his project. Raised in a creative family, Alberto developed a strong sensibility in free jazz and improvisation having as main references the likes of Alice Coltrane and Charles Mingus. He soon discovered an innate talent at composing and therefore decided to take a degree in jazz double bass and attended several years at the conservatory. It’s during those years of technical and intellectual accomplishments that the artist starts exploring the world of electronic production achieving new levels of experimentation; elements of the old school trip hop and nu-jazz of Portishead and J Dilla such as sampling, synths and drum machines seep into his craft, defining the body of his work into a new peculiar entity that make easy the comparison to an artist such as of Flying Lotus. Alberto is by nature an introvert character, very focused on his ambitions; “as an artist I try to communicate the truth of what i am. Someone that is constantly evolving, and so is my music.” Karu live shows are sophisticated and suggestive blending his classical education to fresh intriguing beats. In the guise of a complex creature, usually in the set up of sax, drums, doublebass and synths, Alberto orchestrates languid through the music, adding notes of darkness and sudden interludes, like a mysterious myth that is yet to be interpreted.


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