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    Innovative is a term loosely thrown around in modern day music, but it is a term ringing loud here as the inaugural project of Unpropped begins to unravel. An exploration of obscure textures and abstract environments, crafted with a definitive sense of timeless drifting. Real name, Germán Sánchez, seems to have a certain ability to paint pictures for the listeners of his music, using your mind as a canvas with each curious sound blending in a new colour. Once you begin to immerse yourself within his charismatic and industrial sound, the animations start to play out right before your eyes, dispersing emotion and curiosity. His daring, yet enlightening compositions delve deep into the realms of the impossible. Unsuspected patterns. Mystical arrangements. Unpropped is a project dedicated to the extraordinary, and otherworldly, and over time will only continue to develop and evolve with such a singular artist at the helm of the idea. Always seeking to challenge the listener’s perception as a way of triggering subconscious reactions and associations. Why follow the narrative when you can create your own?