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    Bristol indie rock singer-songwriter Robi Mitch borrows from 60s pop and 70s psychedelia as well as global music scenes. Robi's experiences as a session guitarist based out of Taipei lend a distinctiveness to his sound, while his music is characterised by lo-fi production and his laid-back vocal style. As a lyricist Robi plays activist, poet and philosopher, blending humour with melancholy, whimsy and existential disquietude. Loki Lillistone (Bristol In Stereo) put it best when he said that “Robi's timeless songwriting unravels not dissimilarly to Cass McCombs'.” There is a certain looseness present which is hard to define but easy to recognise, and which appeals immediately to those for whom it is already familiar. Perhaps this is the true essence of the quality we call “soul.”