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    Born under late summer skies in the shadow of former factories, Grief Scene is the latest project from British musician Ian Tilling (Trapped Mice, Leoprrrds). After relocating from the UK to Berlin in 2016, still sore from leaving his band behind, he was happy to take a break from songwriting for a while, playing drums in a couple of local bands. When one of those bands broke up due to someone leaving town, the disappointment, coupled with a creeping sense of unease at the way the world was heading, became too much, and Grief Scene was born. Bad Times is an album of songs about lost friendship, climate anxiety, and the ongoing search for artistic relevance in an ever-changing world. Written and recorded in three months in the autumn of 2019, it is a pre-corona album for post-corona times. It is the sound of a songwriter desperate to document anything and everything all at once, in a cathartic burst of creativity after years spent waiting in the shadows.