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    DEADPAN is a rapper originally from South Jersey and now based in New York. DEADPAN was born Jacob Diaz in Mantua, New Jersey, and spent the entirety of his childhood in suburban South Jersey. An avid hip-hop fan since middle school, he started rapping at the age of 18 in a freestyle group in college. His sound is defined by dense rhyme schemes and blunt political commentary, with his name and artistic persona reflecting his silent and serious demeanor in everyday life. DEADPAN’s music often depicts his experiences as a working-class person with depression in a dark, capitalist world. After a few singles, and an EP, DEADPAN released SINGLES SZN, his first mixtape, released as a weekly series of singles in 2018. He then released a collaborative album with Unbound Joy in January, 2019. Only a few months later, DEADPAN released another album, titled PRE-SALE, produced by GXX. GUTTER, DEADPAN’s third album of 2019, was produced by Unbound Joy, and released in November, 2019. After a prolific first two years releasing music, DEADPAN redefined his sound in 2020, releasing THREADING BLOODLINES, an abstract lo-fi hip-hop album executive produced by Unbound Joy. His most recent release, DIMVERSES, is his first album where he handled most of the production, and pushes the abstract, lo-fi sound further with dusty loops and melted bar lines. Revolution, in the worlds of politics and art, shape DEADPAN's musical efforts. As he tirelessly and passionately seeks new ways to push the limits of rap, he too aims to pen the soundtrack to liberation.