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    Possums at Twilight is Oregon-born artist Mae, a completely independent producer. Mae makes their music uniquely trippy, introspective, and heady, all of their music is based off of personal stories and lived experiences, giving it an unusual emotional edge. Breaking out with their record Sounds For Departure (Deluxe Edition), they defined their unique sound and blend of trippy effects, electronics and acoustic performances, shifting from a house and techno sound to this new trip-hop sound. Mae's biggest evolution in production afterwards is their 2023 record, Omega. It bends the Downtempo and Trip-Hop genre with beats that are simultaneously heavy and hazy. Despite their style shifting from more club oriented beats, Mae's prior endeavors still garner lots of attention. With parts of their 2018-19 albums Here Goes Nothing and Ghosts still receiving plays worldwide at clubs and radio stations, it is still clearly an integral part to the identity and evolution of Possums at Twilight. Mae wears their inspirations on their sleeve, much of the artists on Warp Records, especially Boards of Canada inspire their trippier and more introspective parts of production. Toby Fox was their primary inspiration for even starting to produce music, having an immense appreciation for his work on the UNDERTALE Soundtrack, they researched how it was made and ended up getting their own copy of FL Studio to begin producing music in 2016.