Survive Eli Lary


    Survive is a song detailing the chaos and depressiveness of a point in my life when I can't quite figure out what to do. The song features the lyrics "Throughout this storm, I will survive". This is the confidence I try to have during these moments in which I really shouldn't have any confidence in myself. The "storm" being those moments. During the second half of the song, I start talking in a sense that I just want to give up. That confidence is no longer there. I begin questioning everything down to my own masculinity and if life is even worth continuing to live through. The song then transitions into an epilogue of sorts, and features lyrics more oriented around my feelings of being done wrong by someone yet still being incapable of pulling myself away from them, which is something I've struggled with throughout my life. It's a serious dilemma of whether or not I should hate or continue to love someone.