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    Cyrano shares debut EP 'Consolations' including vulnerable new single ‘Plaster’ - Out November 12th After releasing three Hype Machine Number 1 singles already this year, and being named Artist of the Week by The Scotland on Sunday, Edinburgh based producer and multi-instrumentalist Cyrano shines on his debut four-track EP, Consolations. In 2021, Cyrano quickly established himself as the soundtrack to late nights and long drives. Co-produced alongside Foals’ Kit Monteith and Luke Smith (FKA Twigs, Keaton Henson), Consolations carries us through multiple genres, fusing elements of ambient techno, 00s hip hop and left-field pop. While its sonic influences range from Arthur Russell to D’Angelo, Bon Iver to Talk Talk, the concept behind the EP was inspired by Alain de Botton’s book “The Consolations of Philosophy”. Finding the book consoling for its discussion on ancient philosophers’ outlook on life’s various struggles, and their remedies for coping, Cyrano knew he wanted to write a body of work that could lift people in the same way. On Consolations, Cyrano discusses similar themes - from anxiety and depression, to love and growing older. Each track is written with the aim of consoling the listener, and the tracklisting follows the arc of a night, from dusk until dawn. Consolations ~ Tracklisting Tundra / Plaster / Collateral / Afterburns Opening the EP is Tundra; an honest exploration of social anxiety, personified in leftfield beats with electronic soul. While Cyrano’s voice confidently glides within melodic tapestries, eclectic samples combine with heavy beats to leave the listener in sonic hypnosis. Plaster will accompany the EP release, jumping straight into the sea of turbulent vulnerability. Inspired by The National’s Matt Berninger lyrical milieu, Cyrano explains, “Plaster is probably me at my most vulnerable, but I think that’s why it’s one of my favourite songs I've written. The first line “Locke halts; he’s got my head in a river drawn out starting to shiver” describes a moment in counselling where I felt completely broken. Locke is someone I owe a lot to for pulling me through, and Plaster is for anyone struggling and an admission of strength through weakness. As difficult as life can feel, there’ll be a moment where you come through, towel dry and seeing the past in hindsight.” Collateral is a journey of self-actualisation. In response to Jai Paul’s ‘Str8 Outta Mumbai’ and taking notes from Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club’, the song fuses Japanese taiko drums with lo-fi guitars. There’s a duality to the lyrics, which feel like a conversation with a lover, but are really an internal dialogue with oneself. Latest single Afterburns closes the EP. The process of writing the meditative and dreamy track became a kind of therapy for Cyrano, as he laments the indecision in his relationship at the time. Released as a double single, Cyrano also created a 12-question personality test for listeners to identify if the Introverted or Extroverted mix of the track is best suited to them. Cyrano’s fifth and final consolation is the EP artwork itself - a photo of constellations to encapsulate the idea that the universe is so much bigger than ourselves, so we should remember to enjoy life for what it is. Following the release of Consolations, Cyrano will round off his year by joining Leif Erikson on a UK tour. Follow Cyrano on Instagram - @cyranomusic Contact Cyrano - -------------------------------------------------------------- Plaster Lyrics: Locke halts He's got my head in a river, drawn out starting to shiver As I'm let loose, his hands are by his side This is ocean where's my tide I can hide my face, as I keep myself awake As I hold my head, I feel my body shake So I thought to myself tonight How'll I get through the night All by myself? So I thought to myself tonight Towel dry wishing hindsight What is my health? Thought I never wanted, Thought I never needed somebody Locke starts again; Still a river flows and I can't let this feeling go "Shut up man!" He takes me to one side "Hey, I'm open to your tide" I can hide my face as I try to place any hope I had aside Or I could call him up when I'm in need of some light So I thought to myself tonight How'll I get through the night All by myself? So I thought to myself tonight Towel dry wishing hindsight What is my health? Thought I never wanted, Thought I never needed somebody Written by Cyrano Produced by Luke Smith Mixed by Jamie Ward Mastered by Felix Davis Bass by Harry Deacon Drums by Chris Hutchings