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    Monefa Walker, is an example that late bloomers do not lack a wealth of talent and wisdom. Her classical training began at the age of 4 on the violin, progressing to piano at 14, which seemed to be the instrument that expanded confidence and individuation. She also experimented with guitar and vocal, and completed several performance exams with ABRSM. Though Monefa hasn't followed the usual trend of many her age, that hasn't stopped her patience, determination and perseverane to shine through everything she does in her art. Whether that's organising a concert to raise money for charity (Crisis UK), or starting her own music label (Mayim Records), as well as releasing her own piano compositions inspired by her Judaism, planets and the wonders of the Universe. Her most popular track so far, is "Cancer", which has featured on various playlists including on BBC Sounds. She's also featured on playlists curated by the "F List" and other music organisations. Alongside her music, she's passionate about Astrology, and studying 4 additional languages (2 at university to obtain a BA in Modern Languages). She's always bringing something unexpected, showing that the intuition of talent is all that's required to forge your own path and go against conventions. Website -