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    Tales Of Promethea: If you're born to live the life, music will come find you. Classical pianist, Monefa Walker is an astrologer set to sparkle with the stars. She started playing violin at three years old, doing several music grades, singing and playing guitar. Finding her love of piano at fifteen, she showed impressive potential, learnt rapidly and excelled in her music GCSE. It is not a story of plain sailing and through her late teens and early twenties there has been an obstacle course that includes mental health struggles and unsuccessful music school applications. On the other hand, Monefa passed her piano Grade 5 exam, then Grade 8 less than a year later and had the seeds of a classical zodiac album planted in her mind. With academia definitely out of the picture, Monefa studied the occult with Astrology teachers, became qualified and reads people's birth charts for a living to this day. Recognising the symbiosis between the planets and music inspired a couple of preludes dedicated to zodiac signs. These received such amazing feedback that Monefa wrote a prelude for all twelve. The album, 'Tales Of Promethea' was born, then this particular planet was struck by the pandemic. Working through the setbacks caused by lockdown has created new music weaving the earthy hardships and celestial beings into dramatic soundtracks for a tale escaping dystopia, from the 21st year of the 21st century onwards. Just one facet of a modern young woman's adventure above ground and below the sun and moon - i.e. literally in space. - Caffy St Luce (Journalist, Promoter, CEO of The Zine UK and PR CEO of Rocklands Music Group)