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    Matt Clark is a guitarist/composer from Brighton, England. His career has spanned 35 years, encompassing genres as broad as jazz and blues, alternative, experimental and electronic music. The past year of COVID and lockdown has been both testing and inspiring. Lack of live music and in-person collaboration has meant re-thinking musical output. Matt is currently working under the moniker Matt Clark Three. Originally conceived as a solo project, the new album “One From Brooklyn” which, whilst remaining primarily a solo effort, also includes collaborations with bassist Mark Wilson and drummer Darren Beckett (Madeleine Peyroux, Lauren Hill). "A familiarity develops … with the surrounding riffs, motifs and noises being added to a steady, solid central phrase, short or long, and this works well. Here, the guitar-led music is … not so much a soloist with a band but a soloist using the band and electronic tools to develop a far bigger picture, something much wider than the whole and I was constantly thrown off guard – which I like – and surprised. The one thing I took away was I want to hear more." - Sammy Stein; review of “One From Brooklyn” on Jazz Views. Matt Clark Three – Jazz influenced grooves. Mostly instrumental. Combining a love of lo-fi loops and samples, avant-garde jazz and influenced by the contemporary jazz scenes of New York and Chicago… "The overall effect creates a dynamic sonic quality, as if a laid-back street-level musical trio were performing their own structured and improvised material but also incorporating the ephemeral swell of sounds around them…" - Jordan Penney; review of “North Of No South” on All About Jazz.