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    V-Man a.k.a. M.V.A (formerly known as Virtu-oso a.k.a V-Man) is a London, England based music producer who explores sonic possibilities though instrumentals and soundscapes with a raw, sometimes eccentric, electronic and indie hip-hop feel. He draws inspiration from a wide range of producers such as The RZA, DJ Premier, J Dilla, & The Bomb Squad as well as composers such as John Barry, Burt Bacharach, Quincy Jones ; Ennio Morricone et al. Past solo projects: “The Short Film EP” (2008), “Peed Taorht” (2008), “A V-Man Joint” (2008), “V-House Movie Trailers” (2009), “A Tribute To Mr Busalot” (2010), "A Tribute Ting" (2019), "New Nostalgia" (2019) & "From The Land" (2021) Collaborative projects include Esa & Virtu-oso’s “Special Blend” (’09/’10), Captain Futuro & V-Man’s “Interplanetary Sagas” (2013). In addition to personal projects, he was a featured producer on Homeboy Sandman’s “Earth, Wind, Fire, Water” track from the 2016 Stones Throw Records album “Kindness For Weakness”, as well as producing tracks for a number of underground UK artists. V-Man's track “Lean” from “A V-Man Joint” was featured on Series 6 of the BBC comedy series, Ideal.