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    Kraków Loves Adana formed in 2006 after eyeing each other for months at the same nightclubs in Germany. The group’s guitar-driven electronic ballads echo dream pop with a melancholic edge. "Darkest Dreams", the pair’s fifth studio album, offers a closer look into a world where dreams and reality collide. With the new material Kraków Loves Adana give meaning to exploring and embracing your own darkness and giving in to your darkest fantasies and desires - even if it means to lose yourself in the process. The synthesized arrangements paired with Deniz Çiçek’s contralto built an intriguing soundscape that draws from the singer’s own vivid dreams and nightmares. Recorded and produced over a span of two years by Çiçek in the duo’s own home studio in Hamburg, Germany, the ten songs offer a variety of dream pop and dark wave. Following the self-release of “Darkest Dreams”, Kraków Loves Adana released the “A Night To Remember” EP around Halloween including a double feature video. The band hints that the EP exists in the same universe as the above-mentioned album, making it a spin-off feature that adds to the full story to be explored.