Dingly Dell

Dingly Dell Muckers


    Circle Dance are excited to launch their second release, ‘Dingly Dell’ from London-based producer and label head Muckers. Following on from his debut ‘Out of County’, released on midsummer 2021, Muckers continues to develop the Circle Dance sound with this next EP, adding to the slippery textures and playful pastoral electronica of his first release a seasonal, wintery darkness. Muckers says ‘I was interested in making a midwinter record, digging into the spookiness of the countryside at this time of year, with its strange rituals and odd beauty. I drew on my experiences growing up in the rural West Country to express some of the weirdness of this time of year, especially when night falls. But I also know that deep winter is and always has been time for a party – so I wanted to include some tracks to make you dance. Finally, we know that after the harshness of winter comes the promise of spring – both literally and figuratively – so I wanted to end on music that looks purposefully forward to new horizons.’ 'Thanks again to my brother Dom for taking time to listen and telling me when to chug it up. Barl-E-Corn is for Rudi, Dingly Dell is for Amber. Uncle’s Field was inspired by a camping trip undertaken by my friends Miles and James, and by the book The Communist Horizon by Jodi Dean.' Written, produced and mixed by Matt Huxley. Mastered by Rupert Clervaux. Design by Joe Nava. Released by Circle Dance Recordings CD002