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    The unshakeable belief in something that may or may not exist...DELUJN washes over like a slow sandstorm with the throbbing bass of RIDE IN CHAINS; an inventive soundscape of Desert-Dream-Pop/Rock. The aftermath of a misadventure, the rider can't see through the fog, the never-ending white line keeps twisting & disappearing on a wavering horizon, the driver is searching, hunting their other self. You can feel the camaraderie to contemporary artists like Cat Power, Cass McCombs & Beach House as well as the influence of Boomer/Gen-X legends Chrissie Hynde, Neil Young and Echo & the Bunnymen. RIDE IN CHAINS is an instant driving classic; the song comes on like a ballad but lulls you into a trance with its pulsing rhythm & sinewy riffs, a neurotransmission of slinky keyboards & biorhythms straddling polychrome guitars, ripping through the desert with a hangover, headed back to an unruly reality. Founded by multi-instrumentalist John Sklove and recorded in his furnace room studio, DELUJN's transportive sound morphs hallucinogenic folk, lopsided synth-pop and incendiary imagery. The song’s lyrics are preoccupied with colossal angst, half-truths, and the listless shock that the deep end is rather shallow. Self-defined as smooth-goth, add RIDE IN CHAINS to your favourite playlist now!