Powerlines Max Oakland


    POWERLINES was recorded before the pandemic at Jake Whitecar's Orangutan Sound in Missoula, Montana It was my first studio recording and I was excited and nervous. I think both of those feelings come through in the songs, which are poppy indie songs with hazy sounds that could almost have been found on a VHS from 1990 except for the futuristic touches here and there I recorded these songs at a really hard time when I had to go to voice therapy because I had hurt my vocal cords and I was just recovering after a year wondering if I’d ever be able to sing again. I still hadn’t fully recovered during the recording process, but the result is cool because my vocals are a lot breathier than usual. My philosophy is: turn mud into gold whenever possible This album comes with a beautiful digital lyric book with photos I've taken which fit the atmosphere of this album. It also comes with high quality digital copies of the front and back cover A physical copy of the album, the lyric booklet, and more can be purchased on the merch section of this page credits released June 24, 2021 Max Oakland - Songwriting, vocals, guitars, co-producer, programming Jake Whitecar - Producer, mixer, bass, guitar, piano, synths Jon Filkins - Drums Amanda Ceaser - Background Vocals