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    Purely Decorative is a queer pop duo (members: Kye Plant and Aaron Bergunder) from Victoria, BC. Hastily formed with a debut performance set in place, they wrote the 7 songs of "Unplugged" in under a month (June 2017). It was a collaborative exercise of running with first-impulse ideas, from two songwriters typically set on patiently mining their personal depths. But the vision they share is clear: more queer, less introspective, more direct, fewer expectations, more sex, less judgement, more fun, less waiting. Kye has made a notable impact on Victoria's music community in recent years through their albums and live performances of raw humyn experience and take-me-as-I-am honesty. Aaron spent close to a decade writing and performing songs of sexual empowerment, emotional distress, and naïve crushes on powerful male figures under the moniker Dreamboat. The two previously played together in The Sentimentals, where their shared love of second- and third-wave emo bands tripped over their lacklustre musicianship into a gutter full of lazy punk songs.