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    Hello you lovely people! I’m Oliver from Germany. I’ve been passionate about music all my life. There was not much TV, social media and mobile phones in my childhood. So we spent a good portion of our free time listening to the radio and playing records. I was lucky my father had such a great collection. I started playing keyboard in a shopping mall when I was 8. Why in a shopping mall? My mother did all the shopping and I stayed in the toy area and played around with the Yamahas and Casios of that era. Later I took lessons and became one of the greates… no I didn’t. That’s almost 35 years ago now. When I was 12 I bought my first synthesizer (Roland JX-3P) from money that I earned by delivering newspapers. Then I played drums, guitar, bagpipe, harmonica, ukulele and many other instruments. I had great times in bands. REALLY great times :wink: Today with 40+ I go back to my roots. Synths. Synths. Synths! I’ve only recently bought new synthesizers and I’m excited about the modular approach for creating inspiring (and sometimes horrible!) sounds. Join the ride :) Oliver