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    Sai Natarajan is a freelance composer and independent music producer from New Zealand. Composing under the name VIUS, he aims to soundtrack his life and tell stories with his craft. His freelance work has landed him a wide variety of projects. He has scored theme music for YouTube channels, Twitch channels and various podcasts. He has created background music for commercials, and original soundtracks for children's audiobooks. In January 2020, he released his debut solo EP, "Neon Dream," which is his own musical take on the "Cyberpunk" subgenre of science fiction. Throughout 2020 and 2021, he worked on his first ever video game score – an exciting sci-fi + fantasy blend titled "Medievalien." Later in 2021, he also completed his first ever orchestral concert work (which was subsequently recorded by Orchestra Wellington), before finishing off his studies at the New Zealand School of Music. In his spare time, Sai jams with his musician friends, takes terrible photographs, and plays far too much Rocket League for his own good. He also weirdly enjoys referring to himself in the third person.