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    With a few words, from the beginning ​ Growing up in a small Tennessee town, I was exposed to country and gospel music from the beginning. The influence of country artists from Nashville and local gospel quartets provided a solid foundation and love of melodies and harmonies. Then came the British in- vasion. Even with this love of 60's and 70's rock; coun- try, gospel and folk still held a place with me. Working at the local radio station during my school years just added to that musical longing; and, two years in beauti- ful Paducah, Kentucky gave me the chance to further develop my desires to be an artist. My career took me to Austin, Texas. A rich, musically centered area. The standards are high there. Without full-time devotion, the music industry is a very difficult market to move into. However, there were some opportunities to per- form in front of a crowd. My first composition is based on an event that happened in Austin during those years. A song called "Highway Cat." A move to Asia in the late 90's, to continue my career's work, gave me the chance to perform with outstanding Thai musicians, and to do some recording at a few local studios. From this, I have applied myself to a more creative approach in music composition. The song "From Today" has had several reviews and mentioned in the Great American Song Con- test. Hopefully, this song will find a home and will open a door for more to come. ​