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    Jin Yerei is the solo project of Federico Sánchez, musician/visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His music compositions mix electronic landscapes with ethnic instrumentation, creating a spectrum of introspective and unpredictable journeys which broaden the shape-shifting latin american electronic paradigm. He is one of the key producers of Buenos Aires’ downtempo/folktronica scene, since the rapidly-spreading movement took shape in 2015. He released a bunch of music on labels such as Fertil Discos, Shika Shika, Shango Records (Greece), Waxploitation (US), Urban Cosmonaut (Germany), Canal Dub (Ecuador), Casa Caos (Brasil), Tropical Twista Records (Brasil) and many more. In more than 10 years of career, Jin Yerei played in venues like Salón de Baile (Fusion Festival 2019), Journey to Tarab, Das Werk (Vienna), Bahnwärter Thiel (Münich), Hoppla! Festival (Basel), Lollapalooza Argentina, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Cocoliche, Pacha Buenos Aires, Club Cultural Matienzo, Niceto Club, among others.