Sally Gardens

Sally Gardens Brian Higgins


    Adopted from an Irish air called The Maid of Mourne Shore by W B Yeats in 1889 2 Reviews: From The Hand Editions, a curator on Spotify: Hi Brian, thanks for the submission! I listened to your track and found it very interesting. I particularly liked this very delicate and lulling progression. The duet of the two guitars (beautiful the position so stereophonic!) conveys strong emotions. This is also thanks to a very airy and catchy theme where I also very much appreciated its melodic evolution. Excellent! On 29 February, I will include it in my playlist dedicated to peaceful music! A warm greeting! Ciao Brian, I listened to your song, the song is very nice and sweet and the simple arrangement highlights the melody. Credits releases February 29, 2024 Engineering by Sven Abow All guitars by Brian Higgins license all rights reserved