Freaks (Reprise)

Freaks (Reprise) Eli Lary


    Listening to a lot of Jazz music made me fall in love with reprised versions of songs. Reinterpretations of tracks in a new context. Could it alter the meaning of a song if the tone is different? I think so. I think that this song, as it compares to the original version of the song, is a lot more of me coming to terms with what I'm talking about in the song. Here's what I said about the original track, "Freaks is a song about people's perception of me and how it affects my ego. The "Freaks" are the people who I see as people who are trying to harm me. It's a negative thing to look at people like that. Like as though their entire existence is evil and out to get you. It's something I find myself doing a lot. Most people are good people who have just done bad things. This song is me conveying that feeling of hatred towards them but it's also a parody of myself for feeling that way. I recognize that it's the wrong thing to feel, but I still feel it. Simultaneously, the song is about how I am also the person who treats others wrong and potentially make them feel as though I am the Freak. I have a lot of memories of myself sitting in the back seat of a car, thinking to myself about the regret I feel over treating someone in a way that would make me feel awful if I was treated that way.". While most of that stays true under this new context, I think that you're left with a different feeling by the end of this version. A happier feeling. A feeling that you can move on from pain and become a better person through reflection, as this song is a reflection of its previous version both sonically, and in its release window, as well.