Post-Reality (Original Version)

Post-Reality (Original Version) Eli Lary


    The end of the year brings a new version of an older song. While the first version of Post-Reality is technically older, the concept of Post-Reality originated in this song. I started Post-Reality in 2018 and started the original version in 2021. Here's what I said about the track back in January, "Post-Reality is the explanation of my existence in a world after I released my first album, Reality. It felt like a breath of fresh air. But, as I soon realized, I found myself torn with a mostly internal struggle, rather than the external AND internal struggle I was conveying during the album. It's a way of coping but also a way of helping you understand how I feel about the Reality I see around me and the Reality I see inside of me." Thanks for listening this year. I hope you have a good future, as I hope the same for myself. Don't forget to take that happiness into your own hands, if you must. Peace.