Collateral Cyrano


    Cyrano transcends with atmospheric new single "Collateral" - Out September 3rd Collateral is indie for dusk - a coming of age track embodying themes of independence, introspection, and the subconscious mind. Co-produced with Foals’ percussionist Kit Monteith, Cyrano has crafted a late-night ballad that builds to an ending any band would be proud of. Fusing the sounds of Japanese taiko drums, lo-fi guitar and floating synths, Cyrano’s confident vocal guides Collateral to an emphatic close. The track began in response to hearing Jai Paul’s Str8 Outta Mumbai while lyrically, Cyrano takes inspiration from Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club.   “Collateral has always felt like one big epiphany to me. Like Fight Club, the lyrics are meant to be a shared conversation with both a lover and with myself. It’s about those feelings of reliance and dependency on someone else, while striving for independence and autonomy over oneself. I wanted to personify those parallels in the structure, moving from verse - chorus to chorus – verse, and ending with a moment of self-actualisation.” – Cyrano While 2021 will see Cyrano embark on a UK tour with Leif Erikson, Collateral marks the second instalment from Cyrano’s forthcoming EP, Consolations. The single follows on from his recent afterparty anthem Tundra, which saw the Scottish producer achieve a second consecutive Hype Machine Number 1 and named The Scotland on Sunday’s Artist of the Week. Follow Cyrano on Instagram - @cyranomusic Contact Cyrano - -------------------------------------------------------------- Collateral Lyrics: If I had a conscience to clear, I'd come to you As I filled your heart with my fears, I relied on you To show me, show me release You give me, give me release I make it harder for you to love me You make it harder for me to care