+ Machinefabriek


    The plan for + arose from being a young parent, and dealing with the combination of working on music at the same time. Focusing on long-form music proofed challenging. So I came up with the idea to work on super short tracks that each could be made within a short span of time, and to do this with ‘a few’ collaborators. This concept worked out brilliantly (especially because of the enthusiastic responses from the artists I invited to join), and in no time the project grew a lot bigger than anticipated. So, + is a selection of no less than 52 short pieces, each with a different collaborator. The variety is huge, with jazz cats, electronica wizards, classical players, and more. Each contributor was asked to send a one-minute recording. No other guide lines were given (because I love surprises). These submissions were then treated/reworked into the audio miniatures you’ll find on the album. And it’s safe to say that these tracks are all over the place, stylistically. Next step was to sequence everything into a more or less coherent album. It’s up to the listener to decide if that mission was accomplished. But it surely is an intriguing trip.