Sorta Flying...REMADE~!!!

Sorta Flying...REMADE~!!! EB


    Genuinely, I have no idea where to start with this.... No, that's a misdirect; I do. This isn't some aimless rambling like my past musical endeavors. This is my masterpiece (which I will top in the future) that drained my heart and my soul for the last four months whilst I was working on this, and I'm glad that it came out the way it did, in all of it's raw glory. "Sorta Flying...REMADE~!!!" is a remake of one of my older works I made in 2018, titled "Sorta Flying". I did not like it at all when listening to it in retrospect, but I realized there was some good ideas that needed to be touched up, quite a bit actually, especially with my new knowledge of music garnered over these last couple of years. It helped even more that I assimilated myself into the various "song remake communities" on YouTube, with people like "Portraits of Tracy", "Stiggy James", "BEAR HALEY", and the list goes on and on. It was just sort of by chance though, but I'm glad it happened. A lot of specific members I met were in a short lived online collective/record label/group under the name of "Manipulated Records" that was created during the pandemic, and slowly dissolved in comprehension on what we were after a big trip to Dallas last year, where some of the members met up in an Airbnb for two weeks and created a lot of music, content and performed a show (there will be a documentary on that within this year or the next). There was even more confusion with what we were after one of the members (Salem McLearn) passed on in an accident last October, and we got stuck in this purgatory on where to go to next. But I left the group. I isolated myself from a lot of the internet. And just tried to find myself again. I assembled a lot of the collaborators from past groups at random and I'm pretty sure I made it work. I have never done anything like this before, in a way of taking such a massive leadership role for the people around me with my own work (I definitely lead alone most times) and at times it drained me because of me trying to schedule around others rather than vice versa, but it was all a learning lesson. A main component of this project is about self-worth in the midst of one-sided relationships, dealing with trauma of loss and abuse and how that unhealed pain will mess you up, refining love for family, looking for God and trying to live in the present rather than a falsely lead nostalgia. Why I did I even ponder the idea of touching my old material? Solely because of my sister gave me the idea while she was listening to my older music in an attempt to cheer me up the week of me getting the news of Salem's passing. But I guess it all worked out in the end.