Field Recordings

Field Recordings The Argent Grub


    The album is built around captured sound from the world around us. The field recordings were recorded by The Argent Grub in the Bradford district (UK), Llandudno (UK), and via Locus Sonus in Kalkata, India and Chichibu, Japan. For best results: 1) Find a quiet place 2) Stop 3) Listen Dates, times, and rough geographic co-ordinates are given for each recording. Music was added at Juliusstrasse Studios in Bradford, UK, where all production is done with free and open source software. 01 - Crag Well Recorded at CragWell/Loadpit Beck, Shipley, UK. Latitude: 53.8479239801572 Longitude: -1.8063957679479055 Datetime: 2021-04-05 09:48:45GMT 02 - Chittaranjan Recorded at Chittaranjan Colony, Kolkata, India, via Latitude: 22.4859038 Longitude: 88.380768 Datetime: 2021-04-13 21:55:04IST 03 - Beckfoot Bridge Recorded at Beckfoot Bridge, Bingley, UK. Latitude: 53.84217532976045 Longitude: -1.843504473810988 Datetime: 2021-04-15 20:21:11GMT 04 - Chichibu Recorded at Chichibu forest, Chichibu-city, Saitama, Japan, via Latitude: 35.938222 Longitude: 138.803167 Datetime: 2021-04-30 04:17:13JST Video: 05 - Llandudno Recorded at Llandudno, Cymru, UK. Latitude: 53.32270992030323 Longitude: -3.803741089437589 Datetime: 2021-05-03 10-35-45GMT CREDITS SOUND Thanks to Locus Sonus: and the stream operators: Sukanta Majumdar, and Cyberforest Research Project at the University of Tokyo - ALBUM ART Modified by The Argent Grub from: Image: by Vizetelly: from Pixabay SOFTWARE Ardour: Audacity: Lubuntu: Jack: GIMP: PLUGINS Calf Studio Gear ( Dragonfly Reverbs by Michael Willis and Rob vd Berg ( falkTX ( Guitarix team ( Invada ( MOD Team ( Oleg Kapitonov ( Paul Battersby, Virtual Playing Orchestra ( Michael Willis (VPO Ardour Template) ( Robin Gareus ( sfizz (by SFZTools) ( Steve Harris ( Tom Szilagyi ( Yoshimi ( Thanks to: Stu LJK Anyone who has ever made a linux audio plugin: