Field Recordings Volume Two

Field Recordings Volume Two The Argent Grub


    Immersive musical soundscapes from the captured sound of motorways, generators, household appliances, and more. Raw field recordings are matched to musical ideas and crafted into tracks that make these otherwise industrial noises listenable. At the same time, the recordings need room to breathe and to be heard, to work with the music, to neither dominate it or to be lost behind it. For best results, find a quiet place. Stop. Listen. There is a video of the second track 'Ardrossan': CREDITS SOUND Thanks to Stu for the field recording used on Pylon. Fire. ALBUM ART The Argent Grub SOFTWARE Ardour: ( Audacity: ( Ubuntu: ( Jack: ( GIMP: ( LibreOffice: ( PLUGINS Andrew Deryabin ( Ardour Community ( Artican ( Calf Studio Gear ( David Robillard ( falkTX ( Guitarix team ( LSP LV2 ( Dragonfly Reverbs by Michael Willis and Rob vd Berg ( MOD Team ( Oleg Kapitonov ( Robin Gareus ( SFZTools ( Spencer Jackson ( Steve Harris ( Sven Jaehnichen ( TAL-Togu Audio Line ( ZynAddSubFX Team ( Thanks to: Stu LJK Anyone who has ever made a linux audio plugin: