The Depiction Of Unimportant Things

The Depiction Of Unimportant Things The Argent Grub


    Conceived and recorded over 4 months in spring/summer 2021, the tracks presented here draw on influences from Mogwai, Sparklehorse, The Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and more. Of course sometimes the unimportant things are THE most important things, and each of these songs has it's roots in throw away comments, phrases, ideas, or images whose value is only revealed once they are given time and space to be explored. All tracks were recorded at Juliusstrasse Studios in Bradford, UK, where all production is done with free and open source software. Thanks to: LJK, Stu for the usual help Anyone who has ever made a linux audio plugin: ALBUM ART Image: The Argent Grub. Flowers arranged by LJK Includes modified version of SOFTWARE Ardour ( Audacity ( Ubuntu ( GIMP ( PLUGINS Andrew Deryabin ( Ardour Community Plugins ( Calf Plugins ( David Robillard ( Digital Suburban ( DrumGizmo Team ( Guitarix team ( Michael Willis and Rob vd Berg) ( MOD Team ( Oleg Kapitonov ( Robin Gareus ( Steve Harris ( TAL-Togu Audio Line (