Three Drones

Three Drones Wóma


    From Wóma: Three drones. Three pieces of sustained, drawn out sound work; the contours of each comprising metallic resonances that weave in, out, and around one another; that swell, move, rise and fall and, eventually, disappear into the infinity of nothingness. Three Drones is a collection of works I created in 2016. I made the pieces using a large steel sound sculpture called a bow chime – essentially, a suspended sheet steel resonator, affixed to which are a number of tuned steel rods that are bowed by the performer. Each piece is improvised in nature – though ultimately, they are all formed within the strict limitations of this instrument; limitations such as the particular resonant frequencies of the steel. In contrast to some of the other, bow chime-based, work I made around this time, with these pieces I wanted to principally focus upon just sustained tones and drones. This focus was, in part, borne out of my practice of meditation at the time; in particular, the awareness that that practice creates of minute details in yourself and surroundings. The pieces are directionless and without structure. There’s movement within them, but they don’t particularly go anywhere. Because of this, they draw in your perceptions; they allow quiet contemplation; a moment for you to focus your thoughts on their changing sonorities and timbres. Listen to the pieces for long enough, and their prolonged tones will begin to carry and guide your perceptions over every swell and movement. I would like to dedicate this release to Robert (Bob) Rutman, who died earlier this year in Berlin. Bob was the inventor of the bow chime, buzz chime and steel cello and a truly inspiring musician and artist, whose work has laid the foundation of my own. I am honoured to have performed alongside you, Bob. Rest in peace.