A Bouquet of the Meadow / Japanese Old Folksongs

A Bouquet of the Meadow / Japanese Old Folksongs LUCA


    As long as people have existed, songs have been born resonating to the lives, labour, nature, spirits, and emotions of the people. It wasn't fame or wealth. Many came to our world like a flower, and faded with time. A few, have been preciously kept, and passed on from generations. People sang these songs carrying the story of people that came before them, and those became the folklore in this album. LUCA - vocals,guitar,bells AOKI,hayato - guitars,kokle Keitaro Kanamine - guitar,chorus,recorded(#8 Tsukinukaisya) Track 3,11 written by LUCA Track 3 guitar arranged by AOKI,hayato Track 5 impromptu by LUCA & AOKI,hayato Recorded at 第一若竹寮 in Kyoto 30-31st May 2020, Studio Camel House in Kofu 10-11 June 2020, Keitaro’s house in Shimonoge 23 May 2020 Engineered by Tatsuya Shimada & Yozo Kawai by night cruising, Gen Tanabe Mixed&mastered by Gen Tanabe Translated by Akira Yoshikawa Designed by Takahisa Suzuki Photography by Miho Kajioka Produced by LUCA