Defacing the Moon

Defacing the Moon Mike Bankhead


    In 2019, Mike Bankhead and Brandon Berry (who records under the name The Paint Splats) released Defacing the Moon as an exclusive split album for Local Music Day in Dayton, Ohio. Until now, the five songs that Mike Bankhead contributed to this split album have not been available on any streaming service. Mike is making them available right here exclusive to Resonate. What follows are the original description of the album and Mike's portion of the original liner notes. *************************************** Brandon Berry and Mike Bankhead take divergent paths when it comes to songwriting, but they both wound up at Reel Love Recording Company along the way. Patrick Himes engineered this split album, and also did a fair amount of chipping in with instrumentation. The Paint Splats - as Brandon's project is called - and Mike Bankhead are pleased to present Defacing the Moon on compact disc. Two songwriters with two different approaches to be sure, but the result is a strangely coherent collection of songs. Turn it up! Mike Bankhead is a bassist and songwriter who grew up in Xenia. He released his debut album, Echo in the Crevices, in the summer of 2017. That album displayed his appreciation for crunchy guitar, occasional dissonance, and hooks. Mike is currently hard at work recording songs for his second full-length album. For now, the distorted guitars take a back seat to diverse instrumentation featuring piano, but also including synth, violin, and accordion. The lyrics are honest and somewhat confessional, being inspired by lived experiences: watching a parent suffer through health problems, facing self-doubt, dealing with depression, speaking to a loved friend. credits released November 8, 2019 “Huns of Doubt”, “Sunday (That Pill)”, “Convalesce”, “Huns Again”, “Pauline” written by Mike Bankhead Produced by Patrick Himes & Mike Bankhead Mike Bankhead - bass, piano, Rhodes, synth, glockenspiel, vocals Dustin Booher - vocals Eric Cassidy - accordion Patrick Himes - guitar, piano, Hammond, synth, tambourine, vocals Brian Hoeflich - drums Brandon Semler - mandolin Heather York - violin ©℗ 2019, Mike Bankhead, BMI Engineered & Mixed by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording Company, Dayton, Ohio. Mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee. Art & Layout by Brandon Berry and Mike Bankhead Space image courtesy of NASA Paint splatter courtesy of Jennifer Taylor and Megan Fiely