Echo in the Crevices

Echo in the Crevices Mike Bankhead


    All songs written by Mike Bankhead Mike Bankhead – bass, piano, organ, assorted electric pianos, synth, hand claps, vocals Brian Hoeflich – drums Patrick Himes – guitar (5,6) glockenspiel, stylophone (2) pedal steel, hand claps (3) pump organ, carillon (11) synth (2,5,10) tambourine (6) vocals (3,6,9) Eric Cassidy – accordion (4) theremin (8) marxophone (10) autoharp, toy piano (11) Tod Weidner – guitar (3,4,8,9) vocals (3, 9) Alli Folk – vocals (3,8,13) Mandie Dickson – vocals (3,13) Tim Pritchard – guitar (1) vocals (1,13) Daryl Robbins – guitar (2) Kyle Byrum – guitar (6) Jesse King – guitar (7) David Payne – guitar (11) vocals (1,3,13) Kent Montgomery – vocals (1,3,13) Tom Blackbern – vocals (1,3,13) Leo Smith – upright bass (11) Nathan Shaw – guitar (13) Heather York – violin (13) Engineered and Mixed by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording Company in Dayton, Ohio Produced by Patrick Himes & Mike Bankhead Mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee Layout & Design by Spencer Williams & Mike Bankhead Art by Spencer Williams THANK YOU: Misty Lynn. Patrick Himes for believing in my songs and helping me to get the most out of them. Mis hermanos Jesse King and Nathan Shaw for the support and feedback. Tom Blackbern, Kyle Byrum, Eric Cassidy, Mandie Dickson, Alli Folk, Brian Hoeflich, Kent Montgomery, David Payne, Tim Pritchard, Daryl Robbins, Leo Smith, Tod Weidner, and Heather York for appearing on this album - this doesn’t happen without your time and talent. Spencer Williams. Jason Mahan for the guidance and encouragement. Mickaël & Pauline Mouton. Justin Endsley, Josh Endsley, and Keith Lilly for getting me started many years ago. Joe Saksa. echo in the crevices ©℗2017 Mike Bankhead