Dragon Rising

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    Album Story: 'Dragon Rising' takes place over the span of 80 years from 563 BCE to 483 BCE around the life of Siddhartha Gautama. It follows a nonlinear, noncohesive self-realization where he journeys towards the North with his followers until finally changing form in the forest. Every track is an attempt to recreate what Siddhartha and his follower Ananda might have seen directly through their eyes. Process Of Making The Album: 'Dragon Rising' utilizes compositions & ostinatos created using a 45-year-old Harmonium and combines electronic elements, Vocal improvisations, and fully detuned custom Violin, Guitar, and Brass Flute. Credits: Harmonium - Nilotpal Das Vocals - Nilotpal Das, Rohan Thakuri Violin - Nilotpal Das Guitar - Nilotpal Das Brass Flute - Nilotpal Das Additional Equipment - Rohan Thakuri