Hiranyagarbha Bios Contrast


    Album Story: Developed during the pandemic 'Hiranyagarbha' is a complete remake of Bios Contrast's previously released debut album 'Solitary Reaper' & 'The Temple' EP. This record explores the hallucinations a human experiences due to the effect of prolonged isolation. The word 'Hiranyagarbha' comes from the Vedic philosophy of the universe emerging from a single Golden Egg or a Golden Womb which is the source of creation. This record also takes visual elements from 'Ships of Light: The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience' and questions its true nature with all blind belief, evidence, and skepticism. The finale track 'Silence' tries to simulate deafness as the tracks in the record gradually get disoriented and broken. The 7 tracks after the finale bring randomness and questions the logic of this record. Process Of Making The Album: 'Hiranyagarbha' uses DIY electronics, sound design, and resampling as a foundation accompanied by Harmonium overtones, brass flute, drums, strings, and vocal improvisations. Credits: Harmonium - Nilotpal Das Vocals - Nilotpal Das Guitar - Nilotpal Das Violin - Nilotpal Das Brass Flute - Nilotpal Das Dholak - Nilotpal Das Mastering - Nilotpal Das Composer - Nilotpal Das Artwork - Nilotpal Das