Maybe Magic

Maybe Magic Tim Arnold


    "A soaring beauty, deceptive in its apparent simplicity, a mixture of 'Pink Moon' Nick Drake and 'Hunky Dory' David Bowie" - Culture Catch, New York Story Tim’s new album is a work several years in conception which brought together a multitude of experiences and influences for a musician who has cut a diverse course in his artistic development. This 9-track release comprises a new approach to his guitar playing (finger style playing), gleaned from his love of American composer and guitarist Michael Hedges. The album title is inspired by author Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘Maybe Logic’. It’s also the first album not to be released on Spotify. An article published by Tim criticising the platform went viral in December: ‘Maybe Magic’ brings together songs written between 2019 and 2021 when Tim discovered Discordianism – an idea that both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the universe by the human nervous system. These ideas took root at the end of 2019 during Tim’s collaboration with alternative theatre group ‘The Mycelium’ - a British female-led production company spanning decades of alternative and DIY culture. Next page After receiving a ground-breaking book on Michael Hedges’ finger style guitar playing ‘Rhythm, Sonority, Silence’ by Hedges’ collaborator John Stropes, Tim set about relearning everything he knew about the acoustic guitar and began work on the album during the Winter lockdown of 2020. His time was spent learning the new guitar tunings, whilst simultaneously painting the album cover in the room next door, as audiobooks of Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger and Alan Watts blasted out of the stereo. The album artwork was inspired by one of Tim’s dreams. After applying gold leaf and gouache, Tim would pause the audiobooks and record a new song while each new layer of paint would dry. This process continued between the two rooms over the first 3 weeks of 2021 until both the album and the painting were completed. For more information/interviews please contact: MAYBE MAGIC - CREDITS Written and produced by Tim. Recorded in London, England, January 2021. Mixed in October 2021 by Ben Pelchat in Canada. ‘The Spectrum of Love’ inspired by Alan Watts ‘Brighter Squared’ inspired by Jeremy Stockwell ‘Catch That Flame’ inspired by Robert Cochrane’s poem ‘You Always Wonder’. TIM PLAYS Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric bass, Dharma drum, piano, programming and sound design. Additional vocals on ‘The Spectrum of Love’ by Jeremy Stockwell and Kate Alderton ARTWORK ‘Cat’s Out The Bag’ by Tim Arnold (Dec 2020 – Jan 2021) Gouache and Gold Leaf on canvas. Part One of a diptych. About Tim Arnold Tim Arnold began his career as leader of 90’s British art rock band Jocasta. As a solo artist, he has self-released 23 albums. In 2016 Tim scored music for Iggy Pop’s film, Blood Orange (Iggy noted in NME that Tim’s music reminded him of David Bowie). In 2017 Tim was mentored by Bowie mentor Lindsay Kemp which resulted in their collaborative multimedia project ‘What Love Would Want’, inspired by the United Nations’ He For She campaign. Tim is widely recognised as the first songwriter to write and release a concept album about London’s Soho district, 2015’s The Soho Hobo (BBC London Album of The Year) and is the founder of Save Soho.