Gimme Gimme

Gimme Gimme Pallas Athene


    “Gimme Gimme” (by Pallas Athene) was released exclusively on the compilation album, OBJECT TEN. This is the tenth release on Objects Forever, the label run by London drone pop band The Leaf Library. The album features original pieces by new and established artists alike, including friends and collaborators past and future, as well as band members’ own side projects. The music showcases a breadth of styles, ranging from the weary pop of fellow Walthamstow band Firestations to the celestial drones of Tiki Erie, from cracked acoustic recordings and loops to heavy, skulking electronics and space rock. Special edition copies of the release are accompanied by a book of photos and lyrics by some of the artists involved [“Gimme Gimme” - Written/Recorded/Produced by Pallas Athene]