Dub Fi Di Strugglin Souls

Dub Fi Di Strugglin Souls Carl OG


    "Dub Fi Di Strugglin Soul" is the first album of the producer and sound designer Carl OG. It consitsts in a collection of various dubs with techno, reggae, ambient, and noise influences. It is a collection of various dubs which widens between Techno and Reggae. Tape, vinyl, modular and digital samples were manipulated between the analog and digital domains, then arranged together to create these weird dub experiments. This release will also include two tracks made in collaboration with singstress, songwriter and performer Elena Moroder. Her voice kindly fits in the groove. Also included in it a collaboration made with the composer and producer Javier Villatoro: Sweat- and Heat-generating grooves on a rumbling techno carpet. All the tracks were produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Carl Og. Still struggling, still suffering, but still living (and loving.) Dedicated to my parents and my sister, who always supports me no matter what. And to you Luna: you brought sunshine to my life baby.