Jagged Little Pillow

Jagged Little Pillow Wild Couch


    Howdy there Couch Potatoes! The boys are at it again with their pluckin' and cluckin'. A rainy week in October 2021 resulted in the sobering selection of sounds found on the newly-released Jagged Little Pillow! That title reminds me of a joke i just made up: What did Osiris say to his brother to justify moving to a pyramid in the suburbs? "A lawn is more, Set!" Wild Couch's most recent album includes the following chart-busters: HALF LIFE: Will Skinner, the band's resident gamer, wrote this emotional ballad about how he's been waiting for a sequel to Valve's groundbreaking first person shooter since 2004 and how no, he does not think 2020's VR-only Half Life: Alyx qualifies. FAMOUS: This track is written from the point of view of Wally Amos, who is singing to his oven about how badly he wants to invent the perfect chocolate chip cookie that will maintain a buttery flavor and light crunch despite months on the supermarket shelf in a foil bag. LOVE TO: Jack Moxon's lead vocal debut is a follow up to the unreleased "Love One", as written by someone who has trouble with homophones. Bonus points for Princess Bride references. TEETH OF THE MISER: This dubious offering revolves around Ryder Musselman's insistence on finding something that rhymes with incisor. Earlier versions "Solar-powered Molar" and "The Must-Bid Cuspid (an auctioneer's lament)" ended up on the cutting room floor. LOVE CAN WAIT: This song is about how Clem Wright didn't tell Kathleen Chen that he loved her for a long time even though he really did. Like really really a whole lot. SUBARU: Wild Couch throws its hat into the motor vehicles ring by tackling not one but TWO makes. Keep an eye out for the future "Abscess Makes the Fart Go Honda" and take note that no horses were harmed during the recording of this track. I DIDN'T STEAL YOUR WOMAN (YOU DROVE HER AWAY): After noticing a troubling lack of chart performance in red states, we decided to record a song with the word "whoopin" in it. JERRY: The protagonist of this song is former hockey star "Jerry Hat Trick" who grapples with the fear of aging and the inevitability that someday his nickname will change to "Geriatric" GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS: Wild Couch finishes the album with a very Wild Couch song about coming of age, love and longing, and the 18th century. We hope that you enjoy this collection of songs, engineered as always by Beau "highly musical" Sorenson and recorded at Panoramic House on mostly 120V power. xoxo, Clement, Isaac, Jack, Ryder, and Will