Still Leben

Still Leben muddasheep


    Life is music. Music is a record of your current point in time. Every sound around you can be captured and turned into a song. It's a technique that I love incorporating, a sort of audio diary, chronicling my journey throughout the years. For Still Leben, I invited friends to send me audio of their worlds. Sometimes it's a recording of rain. Sometimes it's barking of their dog. Sometimes it's chimes of an old music box of a loved one. Sometimes it's bits and pieces of an unfinished song. Sometimes it's a recording of a full band with violin, guitar and bass. Still Leben means still life, but it can also mean to live quietly. All samples, all fleeting moments in time, now live on in this 14-track instrumental album until they are never heard again and forever remain silent. Thank you to everyone who submitted sounds and samples: · H4ndy (various sounds and samples for Mind Palace Elevator) · Oleg (rain sounds for Eternal Sun) · tipsheda (samples for Placebo Flower) ( · Ivoryocean (various sounds and samples for Ticket to Paradise) ( · Pao (various sounds for The Prophet's Delight) · Taskbeenden (samples for Time of Death) · Maximiliano Galán Cid (bass samples for Premonition) ( · LupusRex (samples for Ultima Forsan) ( · Moonlyer (acoustic guitar for Skeleton Parade) · Mariya Nesmeyanova (violin for Skeleton Parade) · Akim Boyko (bass for Skeleton Parade) · SaimizZ (guitar for Skull Behind The Mask) ( · Funnycreature (various sounds and samples for Soulcrier) · Scruffy (rain sounds for In a Haze) ( Thank you to Marcela Bolívar for creating the album cover (