The Dark Being

The Dark Being greyfleshtethered


    "On a fateful stormy night you receive a panicked phone message from your eccentric and mysterious neighbor Dr. Krick stammering that something terrible has happened and he must flee, begging you to watch over his infant daughter Amanda in his absence. After arriving at the monolithic lighthouse, you learn more about the doctor's work - Krick’s research navigates the treacherous and unexplored territory of reducing the linear distance between planets and creating a proximity point by focusing electricity across a Fresnel lens, thus harnessing the electrical power stored in lighting to generate a portal to parallel universes. Before you have a chance to admire the vastness and complexity of the laboratory equipment, Amanda is snatched from her cradle by a dark ethereal creature and taken to a distant land in another dimension. Determined to rescue both Amanda and Krick, you follow them through the portal and into a strange world filled with sophisticated machines and bizarre architectures, a world once flourished but now largely destroyed, rendered nearly uninhabitable through the Dark Being's malicious actions.” “The Dark Being” is a journey through fantastic and harrowing cosmic realms. From torpid starfields to turbulent seas, from sunken submarines to a volcanic fortress, The Dark Being cascades through time & space as a veritable rollercoaster of sound & emotion. Intended to be perceived in its entirety, The Dark Being represents only one iteration of many possible journeys the listener can take as endless and infinite existential probabilities swirl around us at any given instance in time. A world of thanks and gratitude to Brian Min for his masterful score to Lighthouse: The Dark Being, which on many occasions was the sole reason for this album’s continuation. Min’s compositions enthralled and captivated my young mind when I first played the game and were largely the reason I even considered this project in the first place. Album mastered by Dan Paoletti, support their music here: Synth work/dark ambience on track 4 composed by Luciform, support them here: Album art by 0ceanfloor, support them here: Thanks to Krrrrrrk for the awesome promotional video, support them here: And finally, a huge thanks to everybody else who contributed physically or emotionally to this project, you all mean so much to me. And biggest thanks to my prince Kodie <3