Dubnos Roland Bühlmann


    The following musicians contributed to my fourth album: Terl Bryant: Drums (Iona, Peter Gabriel, Steeleyespan, The Psalm Drummers, John Paul Jones, Eden's Bridge, Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick etc ...) David Cross: Violin (King Crimson, Radius, David Cross Band) Yukiko Matsuyama: Koto, a long Japanese board zither (Shakira, Paul Winter, Alphonso Johnson, James Gadson). I play Electric and Bass Guitars and Synthesizers. The Koto can be heard in "Dubnos" as ostinato and in "Aaschutz" with some fills. The Violin can be heard in "Aaschutz" with solos and fills. Terl Bryant plays Drums in all tracks except "Omnalén". I've experimented with synthesizers, on the one hand with software Synthesizers in Logic and on the other hand with an analog Korg MS-20, that lent me Alex Roesti. Heiko Powell painted the amazing picture that I use as the cover. The project was financially supported by the Office for Culture and Sport of the Canton of Solothurn (SOKultur).