Electro-Magnetic: Drones & Percussion #1

Electro-Magnetic: Drones & Percussion #1 GRST


    The 'Wakefield Artwalk' held in Wakefield, England in September 2018 saw the inaugural performance of ‘D-EMI’. This is an on-going project combining drones and percussion in a live improvised set, using only electro-magnetic interference as a sampling source. The track here is an edit of the full 5 hour recorded live performance. D-EMI was always meant to be site specific and the Neon Workshop that hosted me for the occasion proved to be an excellent environment for a first performance. I used two primary instruments to pick up EMI, an AM radio, using a long looped coil as an aerial. This aerial allowed objects to be passed through it as well as to be worn. I also used two telephone pickup coils, which acted as EMI stethoscopes for a much more localised sound.