wubu2 Lara David


    Field recordings from a phone, stretched and looped on a laptop. Music for healing and wandering, inspired by: Covid isolation // healthcare limbo // DJ Screw // Suzanne Ciani ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written originally for the Pride edition of my buddy Sayang's radio show, I wanted to focus on something healing... 2020 has been a rough year (obv) so like many, I've had to relearn self-care in new ways. Some of this has been reminding myself to stay more grounded in the present; to cope in new ways with some of life's pains and contradictions; and to embrace the vibrancy of a world in flux. Having fun with field recordings seemed a neat way to play with these ideas. The bulk of the music comes from stretching out everyday rhythms and noises in a way that matched my blurred memories of days/weeks/months in lockdown. Some of the repetition you may not notice until it's gone; other times it grabs your whole attention. The familiarity can breed contempt or comfort; very often both at once. I find this easy to get lost in... Play it loud and see where it takes you :) released December 31, 2020 recorded/mixed/'mastered' by Lara David, Aug-Dec 2020 s/o Sayang and all my bad phoenix buds for the inspiration, always (soundcloud.com/sayang)