Beyond an Age of Wonder

Beyond an Age of Wonder Raccoon Fink


    When I started on this album, it began with Rediscovering Grace. I had started playing with a set of BBC orchestra patches from Spitfire, and the moment I got a few bars together, I thought to myself, “oh, that’s a paladin song!” I immediately thought of the Saints of Steel series from T. Kingfisher, chronicling the lives of a group of paladins picking up the pieces after their god dies. From there, I expanded my scope to all of the “World of the White Rat” books, since I love the whole universe they’re set in. It was easy to be inspired by these, as there are so many great characters and moments in all of them. I really enjoyed creating this album, I hope you like listening to it as much as I liked making it. Thanks, of course, to T. Kingfisher for the inspiration, and to my partner Cynthia for always being there to listen and encourage me. Music by Raccoon Fink Mastered by Jamie Hill at Department of Energy Management, Tacoma Art by Saga Mackenzie