Brutal Five To One Mix V2

Brutal Five To One Mix V2 The Black Dog


    This mix was created at Park Hill while photographing the flats for a future project. It draws upon all of the music we’ve been making about Sheffield and Brutalism, along with a few choice selections from our catalogue, creating a vibration that can never be seen. The needs and polarization of our society feed heavily into the collective consciousness, often among people who’ve never lived in social housing or on a large estate. Life is complex enough but when it involves negotiations with businesses, committees, funding bodies, and of course, individuals with very subjective opinions, the original vision will always be compromised. This clash of differing ideas and demands can create something new that would have never existed. Unfortunately, that rarely pleases anyone. This mix and the selected tracks within it were created with these feelings in mind, bringing together conflicting thoughts and ideas to envision a new internal landscape.